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EROL SANDER CARE BODY LOTION for the care and suppleness of your skin. Regenerative and cell renewal components such as almond oil, cocoa butter or even avocado oil care for and protect the skin. After intensive research, we integrated natural products into the EROL SANDER CARE BODY LOTION. For every skin type this lotion is suitable.



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EROL SANDER CARE BODY LOTION for the care and suppleness of your skin. Regenerative and cell renewal components care for and protect the skin.

After intensive research, we integrated into the EROL SANDER CARE BODY LOTION natural products, which include:

Avocado oil does not dry out the skin and is particularly effective against pimples. Avocado oil promotes the absorption of other nutrients in the skin as well as the formation of elastin.


- Rosehip seed oil has many essential fatty acids and moisturizes the skin
- Vitamin C and Lycopene repair the upper layers of the skin to prevent sun exposure
- The oil renews the collagen scaffold and is an anti aging premium oil
- The vitamin C makes skin discoloration disappear and boosts cell renewal
- Rosehip seed oil is a true sunscreen and regenerates the skin in case of sunburn
- Clogged pores have no chance and the oil prevents these blockages
- It relieves acne and eczema and the vitamin A contained therein has an anti-inflammatory effect
- The fatty acids contained in rosehip seed oil regulate sebaceous gland production


- Almond oil soothes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect
- the oil favors the prevention of the formation of acne
- The fatty acids are the most similar to the human skin and take over a barrier function in human cells
- The oleic acid in almond oil represents the largest share and penetrates deep into the skin layers
- Linoleic acid is a natural UV protection, counteracts skin irritation and provides sufficient moisture in the skin
- Palmitic acid is about 5% contained in almond oil and strengthens the acid mantle in the skin
- Furthermore, vitamins A - B - E and D are in almond oil
- The magnesium in almond oil strengthens the cell walls
- Calcium helps to prevent skin inflammation and prevents sun allergy
- Almond oil is especially good for dry skin


- The cocoa butter provides nourishing fat, especially for dry skin
- Stretch marks can regress
- a moisturizer and anti aging killer


- Allantoin has moisturizing and antioxidant properties
- Allantoin promotes the prevention of pimples and acne
- Allantoin can be successfully used to treat scars


- The coconut oil acts as a humidifier for all skin types
- An effect is particularly beneficial for exfoliation and dry skin.


In Helix Aspersa Extract are natural components that are most similar to those of the human body. The Helix Aspersa has one of the highest natural self-healing powers that occur in nature. This is ensured by components such as

Allantoin accelerates cell building, cell formation or cell regeneration and calms the skin. The healing of hard-healing wounds is also supported, but allantoin has no antiseptic properties.

Vitamin A is a true powervitamin when it comes to healthy and radiant skin. It is of particular importance for skin formation. In its effect, it increases cell regeneration and skin elasticity. In contrast, vitamin A deficiency makes the skin flaky and dry and leads to increased formation of wrinkles. In the skin, vitamin A is converted to vitamin A acid (tretinoin). This dissolves the uppermost skin layer and stimulates the production of new skin cells. The epidermis becomes thinner and the skin smoother overall.

- Degradation of harmful substances
- formation of proteins of connective tissue
- detoxification of the body
- Promotion of iron intake
- Production of messengers and hormones
- Protection of the body cells from damage
- protection against cancer
- strengthening the immune system
- conversion of fat to energy

Vitamin E is a vitamin that protects cells from being destroyed as an antioxidant in the body. In addition it serves the cell renewal, the muscle function, the energy supply and the strengthening of the defense system in the body.
"Vitamin E repels harmful environmental influences and reactivates vitamin C."

a natural antibiotic

Glycolic acid has a regenerating effect on damaged skin tissue. Helix Aspersa have developed a self-healing process when they injure their skin while crawling

Supplying natural moisture to the skin

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