We are a family business with a long tradition, founded in 1833 in Germany. We deal with the development, production, distribution and marketing of specially developed products, usually with meaningful unique selling points. We put inbound marketing as the top priority.

Word of mouth recommendation must be one of the priority goals of the agency.

The customer is the king.

Service is the highest principle.

In close partnership with the famous actor and artist EROL SANDER and his management, we develop products in different fields together. Erol Sander's high level of experience in the field of marketing, which looks behind the scenes from international companies in the beauty industry, the enormous cosmopolitanism or as a former model for Louis Vuitton, D`or or Armani for the emergence of the products decisive role. In turn, we can mix our cumulative knowledge with the invaluable experience of Erol Sander. This results in excellent products on a high level. We did not find each other until now, but we understood each other IMMEDIATELY. We talk and think in one language. Now is the time to create mutual success!

Exactly this principle you represent in your mindset as well and are committed to überdruchschnittlich. They sell and present with heart and not dollar signs in the eyes. We attach great importance to this. They convince us with their appearance and safe rhetoric. You are ready to learn our products and their key`s. In return, you can be sure to receive full support from us.

For sales in German-speaking countries, we are looking for sales representatives and / or sales representatives for the EROL SANDER cosmetics products, and at the end of 2019 also for food supplements.

You have proven experience in the field of sales and maintain contacts among other target groups / customers such as:

- Golf hotels

- Hotels

- Wellness and Beauty

- Beauty saloon

- Beauty lounges

- Beauty Farms

- specialized trade

- pharmacies

- equestrian facilities with shops

- and more....

If you want to set yourself the goal of a close, intensive and long-term partnership, we look forward to hearing from you:


Mario Bock e.K.

Breitscheidstraße 180a

07407 Rudolstadt


CONTACT: Mr. Mario Bock

TEL. 0049 1523 3929416