We welcome you to the pages of the EROL SANDER ACADEMY. We would first like to thank our Prof. Dr. med. Lasaroff and Dr.Dr. Mitko Kirchev to give you a small impression of the knowledge that has been integrated into the EROL SANDER cosmetics.




Prof. Dr. med Ilya Lasaroff

Dr. med. Lasaroff was managing director and shareholder of one of the leading dermatology hospitals in Germany, which he independently founded and founded on a medical level. He led this dermatological center with emphasis

- dermatology (skin)

- Allergology

- Environmental diseases

- internal Medicine

- nutritional medicine

- Psychosomatics

more than 15 years. This hospital was supported by Dr. med. Lasaroff's strong medical applications and experience leader in the field of dermatology. In collaboration with dr. Dr. Mitko Kirchev and other pharmacists, doctors and naturopaths researched and developed Dr. med. Lasaroff solutions to promote the healing of a variety of skin diseases with great success.

Dr. med Ilja Lasaroff was chosen as one of Germany's best physicians by the BURDA COMMUNITY NETWORK Verlag / from 2003 to 2013. Explicitly to the category among the best doctors for skin / skin cancer / allergies

Dr. Lasaroff considers man holistically and is one of the leading quantum physicians. Dr. Lasaroff is the director of the Erol Sander Academy and supports this academy with his own institute for traditional European and modern medicine, which his father founded as a physician in the 1970s.

Dr. Lasaroff supports young physicians in the field of research, development and further education. He is a visiting professor at various international universities.

In the field of exploration of the extracts of the Helix Aspersa, the spotted snail, Dr. Lasaroff on extensive knowledge of research results and studies. This knowledge is also in the EROL SANDER NATURKOSMETIK.

Dr. med Ilja Lasaroff works and studied with renowned medical and natural scientists such as

Prof. Dr. Bertolini - Department of Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Schmidt - Department of Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Treckmann - Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Aresin - area gynecology

Prof. Dr. Otto - Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. Seidel - Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

MR. Tanner - Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. Wessel - Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. Keitel - Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Academician Prof. Dr. med. Nosonova - internal medicine and rheumatology

Academician Prof. Fyodorov - Department of Ophthalmology

Prof. Dr. Schattenkirchner - Rheumatology Department

Prof. Dr. vet. Anke - area orthemolecular medicine

Prof. Dr. Sarkisian - area internal medicine and cardiology

Prof. Dr. Stone - Nephrology

Prof. Dr. Bosseckert - Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. Callies - Physical Medicine

Prof. Dr. Hecht - Department of Stress and Chronolobiological Medicine as an Academician in Russia in the Academy of Knowledge Research on Stress Research in Space Medicine and the HUMBOLD UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN / MORE ABOUT PROF.Dr. KARL HEATES

Prof. Dr. Zingilev - oncology, antibody research / therapy

Dr. rer. nat. Dawcynski - area orthomolecular medicine

Prof. Dr. Uhlemann - Department of Physical Medicine and Natural Remedies

Prof. Dr. Stränz - area anti-aging medicine

Dr. med Lasaroff is a specialist in internal medicine. He intensively researched the areas of pregnancy and birth. In the field of perinatalogy, immunology, allergology, rheumatology and orthomolecular medicine

Dr. Lasaroff's extensive research in these areas.

For several years Dr. Lasaroff in the field of acupuncture in rheumatic diseases. His Ph.D. Lasaroff on the subject of applied therapy and basic research in orthomolecular medicine in rheumatology.

His extensive work included experimental work at the University of Sofia / Bulgaria on areas such as immunology, rheumatology and oncology. He wrote scientific papers on music in medicine, ie phonetics, receptive harmonies. Another area was the study of vibrations and magnetic fields in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and cancers.

Dr. med. Ilja Lasaroff dealt with topics in medicine and cooperated with

- Academy of Sciences in the USSR / Russia in the field of rheumatology

- Gastroenterological Department of the University of Vienna

- Rheumatology Department of Oxford University

- Department of Ophthalmology in Moscow under Prof. Fyodorov. He is considered an international pioneer of ophthalmology

- Clinic at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow - Care of artists in occupational diseases

- Department of Psychology, Moscow University

- Rheumatology Department of the University of Munich




Dr. Dr. Mitko churchv

Dr. Dr. Mitko has a doctorate in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and is a master in the field of pharmacy.

In the field of controlled release of substances into tablets, he earned his second doctoral degree.

He was a consultant for ten years at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Sofia / Bulgaria and a first-degree research associate

Dr. Dr. For more than six years, Kirchev has been responsible for the production, development and implementation of pharmaceutical products at pharmaceutical companies such as Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy in Switzerland

Dr. Dr. Kirchev was director of production, development and research and responsible manager in manufacturing facilities in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Transkei

Dr. Dr. Kirchev developed as a consultant in Belgium, Switzerland and South Africa for a well-known pharmaceutical company medical cosmetics, dietary supplements and researched as well as produced natural extracts for pharmaceutical, natural cosmetics

Dr. Dr. In our Academy, Kirchev is responsible for the implementation and development of novel products in the field of natural cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

He controls international processes in the area of ​​production, implementation and quality assurance, which correspond to EU and US standards.

Dr. Dr. Kirchev researches with a specially built team of high tech supplements exclusively with natural extracts and products. He develops special medical cosmetics on a natural basis and the associated laboratories.

Dr. Dr. Kirchev is a visiting professor at international universities in the field of industrial pharmacy of high tech products.