We would like to give you some explanations about our products, which should be of help in your personal decision-making regarding the possible application and use of EROL SANDER ointments, foams, micellar waters and serums. Most users and consumers can not evaluate cosmetic products clearly or at all. Review specific to example questions like

Why is the cream for the face so expensive / cheaper than a cream with what I believe are the same ingredients?

I looked at the price comparison or other sites on the Internet!

On some TV channels creams are sold 400ml ..500ml or 1.000ml and still in a double pack at sensational low prices! Why can they do that?

I get a super nice packaging from other manufacturers!

And so we could probably ask a thousand other questions and always ask ourselves, am I right? - Can I actually apply the cream to my skin? - does the price fit? or am I deceived by the seller?

Or even such thoughts as .... here I buy only the brand name and the expensive packaging!

All these questions are of course justified and we, the entire EROL SANDER TEAM, ask ourselves these questions every day.

We would like to share our thoughts and experiences with you. Yes, you as a consumer should become part of our market research. You clearly have a right to be fully informed.


All these products are generally used for men and women. Our skin does not distinguish between male and female. We may smell different, but the structure of the skin is basically the same. There are numerous schemes on the Internet, but a scheme for male skin or female skin will not be found. Thus, the color of the product packaging whether black or white, pink or blue is completely irrelevant and irrelevant. It's pure marketing, anyone should come up with the idea of ​​marketing ointment men's ointment and women's ointment. In the pharmacy you get no 'men's ointment or women's ointment. It is the answer to many questions from customers! A difference could be created only by perfume or adding fragrance notes. Sometimes perfume is used to hide odors.


According to the FEDERAL OFFICE FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION AND FOOD SAFETY, we will briefly introduce you to the mandatory information on the labeling of cosmetic products. In the following diagrams we show the information.

Ingredients of EROL SANDER COSMETICS / Ingredients (INCI: International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients)
We will now deal specifically with the ingredients of EROL SANDER cosmetics. We offer natural products, but we speak of products with natural components. The word natural products can certainly be used, but there is no legal definition. In 2000, the Council of Europe came up with a definition based on plant, animal or mineral origin. EROL SANDER PRODUCTS fulfill these requirements. In addition, it must be ensured that the avoidance of hazardous contaminants, as well as the restriction of processing on physical, microbiological and enzymatic methods is given. This is also guaranteed by EROL SANDER COSMETICS.


There is the so-called INCI file. This file is a list of ingredients used in the cosmetic product itself. Important and PRICING for the consumer are the quantities in the cosmetic product.

So if a cosmetics manufacturer advertises it, for example, there are 10 different natural products in its cosmetics such as caviar, algae, calendula and so on, this can of course be all right.

However, it is not written there that only 0.01% of it or less is enough to advertise. To ignore the price. All natural products have their price, quality raw materials are in short supply and expensive! So how can you then produce products at such low prices. Simply by saving on the valuable raw materials and working with lowest percentage amounts in the products, the main thing is the marketing effect and BEST PRICE is given.

Ultimately, the consumer anoints and treats the skin of very very cheap products with mostly thick, stabilizer-added water. That is why in advertising is also spoken of reducing the depth of wrinkles of the skin. You can still see the fold, just not so deep!

EROL SANDER cosmetics does not advertise that we use 90% worm extract in the cosmetics we produce. This statement would be misleading.

EROL SANDER uses natural snail slime in the cosmetic products we make, preferably the valuable ingredients that we extract from it.

in highest proportion to all other ingredients and extracts used in relation to it.

That our used snail slime is highly concentrated and pure, that goes without saying!

We rely on the natural self-healing power of the spotted snail. This in combination with other effective and effective active ingredients from nature. In order to be able to deliver these valuable raw materials on the one hand and on the other to be able to attract animals in a friendly and gentle manner, we have access to our own snail farm. We have 100% control over our valuable suppliers, the snails themselves.

The following product descriptions / INCI files show the ingredients and their respective highest concentrations.

HELIX ASPERSA EXTRACT is the extracted extract from the valuable snail slime. If this is based on water as the basis of every cosmetic / ointment in the first place of the ingredients, this simply means highest concentration in the cream.

Convince yourself, we guarantee in each of the EROL SANDER cosmetics products the highest concentration of valuable and very expensive Helix Apersa extract, with one of the highest self-healing powers in nature.

The rejuvenating, firming and regenerating effect on the skin becomes visible due to the very high concentration of the valuable ingredients of the snail slime when used continuously with the EROL SANDER cosmetic products.

We list our product descriptions below.